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OWCAP Head Start


Opening the world to children and families for opportunities toward self-sufficiency.


OWCAP Head Start accepts qualified Weber County children 3 or 4 years old by September 1st of the current program year. 

Download an application here.

 Registration Dates

Bring your completed application and documents to 3159 Grant Avenue, Ogden, UT on these days:

November 7, 2019                     10am-5:30pm

December 2019                             All Month                 

January 2020                                 All Month

February 2020                               All Month

March 5, 2020                           10am-5:30pm

March 12, 2020                         10am-5:30pm

March 19, 2020                         10am-5:30pm



If you are unable to come at these times, call (801) 399-9281 to make an appointment.

Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children ages birth to 5, from low-income famiies by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development.

Head Start programs provide a learning environment that supports children's growth in:

  • Language and literacy
  • Cognition and general knowledge
  • Physical development and health
  • Social and emotional development
  • Approaches to learning

Head Start provides comprehensive services to enrolled children and their families, which include health, nutrition, social services and other services determined to be necessary by family needs assessments, in addition to education and cognitive development services.  Head Start services are designed to be responsive to each child and family's ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritage.

Health Services

A critical part of Head Start's role is focused on nutrition.  We provide our children with two-thirds of their daily nutritional needs, which is important not only for their health and well-being but for their intellectual and social development.  Many children living in poverty are facing malnourishment, hunger, or can be overweight and/or obese.  Head Start offers nutritious, ethnically diverse and child-friendly food through a state-of-the-art food service program.

Volunteering at Head Start

Head Start volunteers play a crucial and active role in children's health and welfare by offering their time and professional services to help ensure each child receives the education, treatment, and support that will lead them to a healthy and fulfilling life.  


Call to schedule your appointment today!  (801) 399-9281